There is much debate as to whether "miniature pigs" actually exist in Australia.  The fact of the matter is they do, BUT they just aren't as small as what people would like them to be.

In Australia, we cannot import pigs from overseas which means you cannot get Pot Belly Pigs or Kune Kune Pigs in Australia.  What Australian breeders have done is selectively breed with the available breeds in Australia to eventually arrive at the Australian version of a miniature pig. 

To help people understand the differences between Pot Belly Pigs, Kune Kune Pigs, Australian "Miniature" Pigs and commercial pigs, we have put together the following table so you can get a better idea of the differences:

Pig Breed

Height Range

Weight Range

Vietnamese Pot Belly

40 cm - 66 cm

54 kg - 68 kg

New Zealand Kune Kune

40 - 60 cm

60 - 200 kg

Australian Miniature Pigs

40 - 60 cm

50 - 100 kg

Commercial pigs

65 cm +

250 kg +

As you can see from the table above, Australian Miniature Pigs are comparable in size to Pot Belly pigs and Kune Kune Pigs AND are a lot smaller in size compared to commercial pigs however they are not the smallest miniature pigs available in the world. 

Many people in Australia see the size of pet and miniature pigs available overseas via the internet or photos of celebrities carrying around these tiny little pigs and think that this is what is also available in Australia.  Unfortunately, at this point in time, pigs this tiny are not available in Australia. 

Australian Miniature Pigs are larger than what you can find overseas and they more likely grow to the size of a medium to large dog - not a small tiny pig that you can carry out with you when it's an adult.  Many people would be happy if pigs stayed the size they are as piglets and though this would be wonderful, it will take many years of breeding by dedicated breeders to continue to bring the size of Australian Miniature Pigs down. 

If we could import other breeds of pigs into Australia this would make life a lot easier and Australian's could have instant tiny mini pigs BUT as we cannot import other breeds of pigs into Australia due to Australia's strict Biosecurity, Australian's wanting a pig as a pet smaller than a commercial sized pig (have a look on the internet or visit your local sale yards to see the actual size a fully grown adult commercial pig gets - they are HUGE) only have the option of obtaining Australia's version of a mini pig. 

Australian Miniature Pigs are a miniature pig compared to commercial sized pigs however they still grow to a reasonable size as fully grown adults and will not be tiny lap pigs.

Always remember that just like people, pigs come in all shapes and sizes.  The size your pig will grow to depends on a number of factors including genetics, feeding and exercise (just like people!).



40 - 60 cm
Weight 50 - 100 kg
Colours Many! White, ginger, red, black with a combination of shades and colours in between.  They can also have spots, patches or even a white band across the shoulders (saddleback).
Origin Developed by Australian Breeders from the various pig breeds available in Australia.  Currently pigs from overseas cannot be imported into Australia.
Temperament Highly intelligent, playful, loyal and make wonderful pets when raised properly.  They can also be stubborn and pig headed!
Lifespan From 15 up to 25 years
Diet Miniature and pet pigs should primarily eat grass, or hay if no grass is available.  Pigs will eat almost anything and you can also give them grain, hobby farm mix, fruit and vegetables.  They can be given one or two supplemented meals a day.  You can also feed them leftovers or out of date items in the pantry like popcorn, chips, biscuits, bread, pasta, etc.

Miniature and pet pigs should not be fed meat, meat products, imported dairy, pig grower pellets or dog food.  It is illegal in Australia to feed pigs meat, meat products or imported dairy.
Housing A minimum of 1 acre of outdoor space to graze, exercise and roam is recommended. 

Strong sturdy fencing will also be required as pigs are very strong and can escape if they set their mind to it!

They will also require a bed, food and water, toilet area, shade and a water or mud hole.
Health Pigs generally have very good health.  They require regular worming and checks for mites, lice, fleas or ticks. 
Legal Requirements Local Council approval is required before owning a miniature or pet pig.

You also need to determine your State's Department of Primary Industries (DPI) requirements which can include waybills for transporting, ear tag on your pig, registration of your property, notifying DPI once your new pig arrives, breeder requirements etc.
Price Give away up to $1000 depending on size, sex and inclusions.  Give away miniature and pet pigs do become available from time to time due to a change in people's circumstances.


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